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Cowboy Fishing Co is a combination of the COWBOY CODE and our passion for the ocean and fishing. The code is a moral compass and way of life that we bring to our business each day. It was a time when a handshake was enough to seal a deal, and right and wrong were as clear as black and white. We are a small commercial Dungeness Crab operation, sell our catch off the boat, and can be hired for fishing charters.

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The Moose is a 35 ft. all weather multi purpose boat. Applications include commercial fishing, diving and security patrol purposes. The vessel is stable, smooth riding and fast with the ability to perform in a variety of sea conditions. Made of lightweight aluminum, the boat uses diesel jet propulsion, which greatly reduces impact on sea life as well as fuel consumption.

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Our mission is to provide a positive experience to everyone who visits our harbor. We strive to support, protect and educate the community about the local fishery and sustainability practices. We fish responsibly to minimize our footprint. Our goal is to deliver a quality product that is fresh and on time!

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  • Live each day with courage
  • Take pride in your work
  • Always finish what you start
  • Do what has to be done
  • Be tough but fair
  • When you make a promise, keep it
  • Ride for the brand
  • Talk less and say more
  • Remember that some things aren’t for sale
  • Know where to draw the line

From: Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from The Code of The West by James P. Owen, 2004

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